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Marker DXS10103

Create date: Jun 25, 2009 12:18:14 PM
Last update: Jul 13, 2011 9:36:19 AM
Linkage group: X3
Cytogenetic localisation: q 26.20
Physical localisation NCBI 36: 133.246
Rutgers Map v.2: 149.37
Reference: Pub. Rodig/Brabetz 09 eingereicht


No primer data.

Typical structure

No repeat structure data.

No cell line dna data.

Population data

The values of the evaluation parameters presented in the following table are calculated live utilizing the population data presented in the corresponding reference. For this reason it may happen that the numbers differ from the figures given in the reference. Click here to view the equations our calculations are based on.
IDPopulationReferencePICHETMEC KrügerMEC KishidaMEC DesmaraisMEC Desmarais duoPD femalePD male
1China (Guangdong)Genetic...0.72870.76520.54970.72870.72870.59440.90840.7652
2Germany, DresdenRodig H...0.71750.75470.53540.71730.71750.58080.90260.7547
ID Population Ethnic specification Reference n* 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
1 China (Guangdong) Asian (Chinese Han) Genetic... 272 both 0.0200 0.3250 0.1125 0.1750 0.2825 0.0750 0.0100
2 Germany, Dresden (European Caucasian) Rodig H... 132 both 0.0106 0.1862 0.0615 0.2231 0.3708 0.1394 0.0083
n* - If no information on the sex of the studied individuals is indicated, both sexes were examined.


No reference data.


No data.


Based on the review of december 2018, it has been decided in cooperation with the X working group to remove the PI calculation from this website.